Jakarta – Breast engorgement is a natural thing experienced by breastfeeding mothers. Usually, in that condition the breasts will appear too full of milk so that the body does not feel comfortable. Usually, breast engorgement occurs when a breastfeeding mother produces more milk than her baby consumes. Not infrequently, the breasts eventually become firmer and swollen, making it difficult for the baby to suckle. “Enlarged breasts can be very uncomfortable for nursing mothers. Breast engorgement may occur early in the breastfeeding journey when milk first comes in and the body is still looking for ways to regulate milk production,” says Jane Morton, MD, clinical professor of pediatrics at Stanford Medical Center in Stanford. California as quoted from The Bump page. Morton added, breast engorgement can also occur if the mother is breastfeeding for too long or if the baby does not express milk properly, Mother. As for breast engorgement that appears full, this is a normal symptom that will go away within a few days as you breastfeed and your body adjusts to the baby’s needs. You also don’t have to worry that your breasts may become very enlarged if you don’t feed your baby often or if you breastfeed but don’t empty your breasts. Kpop Diet Trend Banner/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Gradually, this breast engorgement will disappear if the breasts are not stimulated to produce milk. Currently, there is no approved drug to ‘dry’ the milk supply and prevent engorgement, as quoted from the Uofmhealth page. What you should be aware of are the symptoms of breast swelling that may appear and make the condition worse. If this happens, don’t ignore it and let it drag on, Mother. Because, the risk of infection and other things that are not desirable is very likely to occur. Make sure you recognize the symptoms and keep your condition stable during breastfeeding. Click on the next page, Mother. Check out the video about 5 tips for preventing breast cancer below.
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