Edit vlog videos via smartphone. (Oppo Indonesia) Hitekno.com – Nowadays more and more people are interested in using smartphones to create photo or video content. You can even make vlogs using a smartphone, which is even easier. Not only young people, now more and more adults are sharing their video content on social media. Smartphones also help them produce short videos that can be accessed easily through camera innovations, filters and editing features. Creating vlog content is not only for commercial purposes. You can also make short videos of daily activities or videos of gatherings with friends and family using a smartphone camera. Here are a few ways to make vlogs using a smartphone easier. Prepare a tripod As an additional tool so you can vlog, then prepare a tripod. This photography and videography support device is a three-legged stabilization mount that ensures the position of the shooting object is still and stable so that the video recording is smoother. Making stock videos You need to shoot several videos from various angles or different points of view as stock shots. This method is useful when you have started the editing process. You have a choice of videos from various angles so your vlog doesn’t look boring. Free up smartphone memory To record videos plus stock photos, a large memory capacity is required. Well, you don’t need to worry when using the OPPO A16 because it provides relatively large data storage space. This smartphone has a choice of 3GB/4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB ROM, in addition to the additional external memory feature with a microSD card up to 256GB. Set camera filters and resolution Before making a video, you need to set the video filter and resolution according to your needs. On the OPPO A16 device, you can choose the resolution for the video, which is 720P/30fps or 1080P/30fps. To capture images, OPPO A16 provides a 13MP main camera, a 2MP bokeh camera, and a 2MP macro camera. No less important, you also need to pay attention to the best light so that your video doesn’t look dark. OPPO A16 is also supported with Ultra Night Mode, Panorama, and Dazzle Color which can increase the saturation and brightness of the image so as to bring a more lively effect to the video. Edit videos with the Smartphone application. To edit video recordings so that the results look creative, you can use video editor applications that are widely available on the Google PlayStore. If you use OPPO A16, then there is a default video editor application called Soloop. This application that can be used on ColorOS-based phones makes it easy for users to edit videos quickly with pretty good results. In addition, there are also various filters, music, themes, and other effects that can be applied to video recordings. That’s how to make a Vlog using a Smartphone which is now easier. .

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