WhatsApp stickers. (WhatsApp) Hitekno.com – Here’s how to create custom stickers on WhatsApp Web. It’s easy, less than three minutes. WhatsApp as one of the widely used messaging applications, re-introduces their new feature. However, this new feature is specifically for those of you who use WhatsApp Web or users of the Desktop platform on MacBook and PC. Now, you can create custom WhatsApp stickers directly from your computer. Here the Hitekno.com team has summarized the steps, Open WhatsApp web then open a chatClick the paperclip iconClick the sticker iconYou will be connected to upload a photo in the gallery of your computer or laptopSelect the photo you wantBefore sending, the photo will display several tools for editing, such as cropping, add emoji, text, or doodles. After editing, click on the send option or the right arrow. Indeed, when it comes to WhatsApp stickers, users have been able to enjoy them since a few years ago. However, to do custom stickers, they usually have to use third-party applications. But with this update, you can create custom stickers without any additional applications. Stickers on WhatsApp web. (Blog.whatsapp.com) However, this feature is only for WhatsApp Web users. That is, those of you who use WhatsApp mobile don’t need to find a way. Meanwhile, for those of you who use WhatsApp mobile and want to custom WhatsApp stickers without additional applications, you can follow the steps below. Open https://wasticker.app on your cellphone or laptop. Then, click the SELECT IMAGE button then search for and select the image or photo that you will use as a WhatsApp sticker. Choose an image in JPG, PNG, WEBP format to create a silent sticker. If you want to make a moving (animated) sticker, please select an image with a GIF format. After that, fill in the WhatsApp number in the box provided. That’s how to create custom stickers on WhatsApp web and WhatsApp mobile. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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