Jakarta – Lee Junho is back on the rise thanks to the Korean drama saeguk The Red Sleeve. The romantic series catapulted the name of the actor who is also a member of the 2PM boyband, Bunda. Plunge into the world of acting in 2006, Lee Junho made his debut in the film industry in 2013. At that time, he played in the big screen film titled Cold Eyes. Three years later, Lee Junho ventured into the Korean drama industry. He spread his wings by starring in a number of popular Korean dramas. Mother, here are 5 Korean dramas starring Junho 2PM: 1. The Red Sleeve Korean drama made by MBC TV is the most talked about show according to Good Data Corporation. Airing since November 12, this Korean drama continues to score higher ratings. Wrapped with a touch of tickling comedy, The Red Sleeve scored a new rating record of 7.5 percent. The success of this Korean drama did not escape the role of 2PM’s Junho who played the main character. For his role in the Korean drama The Red Sleeve, Lee Junho took the third position as the most talked about actor since the last few weeks. Lee Junho plays Lee San, a royal Crown Prince who is faced with his destiny as a king when his father dies. He also ascended the throne to become King Jeongjo. In this Korean drama, Lee Junho collided with Lee Se Young who played Sung Deok Im, the butler of a simple family. The King then fell in love and asked Deok Im to be his concubine. Even so, Deok Im wants to live her life freely so she refuses King Jeongjo’s offer. She had a firm stand and believed that concubine life in general could not bring happiness. Mother, also check out the popular Korean drama starring Lee Junho, on the next page. Don’t forget to watch another romantic saeguk Korean drama trailer, Lovers of the Red Sky:
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