Jakarta – If you often accompany your little one to watch videos on Youtube or other social media, you will most likely find videos about slime. Slime itself is a toy whose shape is not a liquid but also not a solid object. Slime has recently become a toy that is much liked and loved by small children, teenagers to adults. The popularity of slime is believed to be due to its many benefits. One of them is to relieve emotions. Imagine that, only by squeezing this slime, emotions can be channeled. Not only that, slime has a function to eliminate boredom or boredom. Illustration of a child playing slime/ Photo: iStock Slime is now already widely sold in the market. But not infrequently, there are slimes that contain harmful ingredients. Of course, this is quite worrying, especially if it is played by the Little One, yes, Bun. Therefore, Mother must be smart in choosing slime that will be played by children. In addition, Mother can invite children to play slime made from safe materials. The reason is that currently there are many ways to make safe slime from affordable materials. For that, Bubun here will discuss a number of ways to make slime safe for children and certainly easy and safe. But before that, first know the things that need to be done before making slime with your little one. 5 things to do before making slime with your little one Check the list of ingredients for slime. If there is a foreign material, you must first find out about its safety. If when you touch the slime material, you feel itchy, red, and hot in your hands, then you should not use the slime material. Avoid making slime that uses toxic or harmful ingredients. There is a way to make your own slime that is correct, safe, and certainly avoids the use of detergents, borax, and other harmful chemicals. Pay attention to the safety of children when making slime. Mother has to show the child how to make the right slime. Keep small objects that can increase the risk of children choking, such as glitter or beads. Especially for children under the age of three, yes, Bun. If when making slime, your child shows unusual symptoms such as dizziness, coughing, itchy skin, burning skin, stomach pain, and vomiting, then you should immediately stop this activity and check your little one to the doctor. How to make slime that is safe for children Here are a number of ways to make slime that is very simple and absolutely safe: 1. How to make slime from corn flour You can use corn flour to make slime with your little one. Here’s how: Ingredients: 140 grams or 2 cups 250 ml cornstarch or 1 cup not too hot water Food coloring (customized color) Steps to make slime: Prepare cornstarch in a bowl and set aside. Warm the water, then pour it into another bowl. Add food coloring. Make sure if the color is darker so that it will show later. Stir well using a spoon. Pour the colored water into the cornstarch. Knead until the mixture becomes a thick paste. If it’s too runny, you and your little one can add cornstarch. Conversely, if it is too thick, you can add more warm water. 2. How to make slime from starch Ingredients: 2 cups of starch 400 ml of water 150 grams of cooking oil 2 tsp of food coloring Tools: Illustration of a child playing slime/ Photo: iStock How to make: Put the starch in a bowl. Then, add the water little by little while stirring with a spoon so that it doesn’t clump. Add cooking oil until it’s chewy. If it is not thick enough, Mother and Little One can add starch little by little. Add food coloring to the dough. Stir again until combined, and the slime is ready for Mother and Little One to play with. 3. How to make pudding slime How to make slime in this way requires only three ingredients and is very easy to practice. Ingredients: 32 grams of instant pudding 128 grams of corn starch or corn stratch 80 ml of warm water Method: Combine instant pudding, half part of corn starch, and warm water in a bowl. Then stir until smooth. Add a little dei a little corn starch which is half again while stirring evenly. When the dough starts to clump together, knead the dough with your hands until it reaches the desired chewy texture. If the slime dough is too sticky, you and your little one can add corn starch. 4. How to make marshmallow slime The next safe slime that Mother and Little One can produce is marshmallow slime, where marshmallows are the main ingredient. Ingredients: One pack of marshmallows 60 – 80 ml of vegetable oil or coconut oil 65 grams of powdered sugar Sprinkles or colorful glitter Method: Melt the marshmallows in the microwave or stove for about 30 seconds. When it melts, stir. Add the oil and sugar, then mix well and let it cool. Once you can and it is safe to hold, coat the hands of Mother and Little One with oil, then knead the dough until it reaches the desired elasticity. If the dough is still too sticky, you can add a little more oil. 5. How to make slime from shampoo and toothpaste. Next, the slime that you can make with your child is from shampoo and toothpaste. Here’s how: Ingredients: 30 ml shampoo Toothpaste to taste Food coloring Tools: Small spoon Small bowl How to make: Choose a shampoo that has a thick texture and the color should be white or not transparent. You should also use a mint-scented shampoo. Put two spoons or about 30 ml of shampoo in a bowl. Add food coloring. Choose a toothpaste that is white in color or you can also choose a striped toothpaste, but you shouldn’t use a transparent paste. Then put the toothpaste in a bowl along with the shampoo-dye mixture. Stir the ingredients with a spoon until well blended. If the dough still looks runny, you can add more toothpaste until the dough becomes thicker. On the other hand, if the dough seems too thick, you can add more shampoo so that the dough is not too hard. Stir again until well blended. When mixed well, place the dough in the refrigerator, then freeze for 10 minutes to an hour. In the first 10 minutes, you can check the dough. If it’s still runny, freeze it for another 50 minutes. Remove the dough, then knead again until the texture turns soft and elastic. Slime is ready and ready for Mother and Little One to play with. When you have finished playing, you should store the slime in a closed plastic container so it doesn’t dry out quickly. So, those are some easy and safe ways to make slime for kids. By making their own slime, your little one can avoid harmful ingredients to make slime that is sold in the market. (PK) Also check out the following video about a young girl who already has a turnover of millions from toys. (ziz/ziz) .

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