Jakarta – Mother’s minimalist house is closed with a beautiful and elegant wooden fence? Mother’s wooden fence may also need extra attention when the rainy season arrives. The rainy season is one of the causes of the growth of fungus on wooden fences. This is because the wooden fence that is always damp is exposed to rain and rarely gets hot. For that, you are advised to pay attention to the current condition of the wooden fence. Wooden fences do make the house more beautiful, attractive, and of course sweeten the whole appearance. But if there is fungus attached to it, it will definitely look annoying, Mother. Not only that, the growth of fungus can also make wooden fences brittle. Let’s take care of the wooden fence of your minimalist home so that it is always beautiful and durable, reported by various sources. 1. Check for damage to the wooden fence The rainy season makes the wooden fence always damp. Not to mention the days where the sun rarely appears and it rains all day. Mother needs to check if there is damage to the wooden fence? Damage is not only broken or weathered but can also crack. If there are cracks then use waterproof wood glue to cover the damage. This helps prevent moisture from causing further damage and extends the life of the wood. 2. Make sure it has good drainage Quoting Reddi Fence, make sure the wooden fence has good drainage or water fall flow. Good drainage keeps water from pooling around the fence posts which will affect the wooden fence to become mossy or rot. Clean the fence if there is indeed moss that attacks during the rainy season. 3. Use an anti-termite spray Use an anti-termite spray to treat wooden fences. Remember, insects like termites really like to eat wood and it’s possible that your minimalist home fence won’t be their meal. For that, prevention is better than cure, Mother. You can buy a termite spray that can be applied to wooden fences every 6 months or once a year. How to care for other wooden fences, you can click on the next page, Mother. Also check out the video of Arya Saloka’s new house which is really cute:
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