Jakarta – Snakes are dangerous animals if they enter the house. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you have one of the snake repellent plants in your front yard. Snakes can come from anywhere, especially during the rainy season. The rainy season is the time for snake eggs to hatch. It is possible that your house can get snakes during the rainy season because they like warm and humid places. Snake repellent plants can be one way for you to ward off the entry of these reptiles into the house. Place snake repellent plants on your patio or front yard, where snakes may be at risk. Snake repellent plants generally have a sharp shape or a pungent odor. Yes, snakes don’t like pungent smells and sharp surfaces. What are the best snake repellent plants to have during the rainy season? Here’s a row of snake repellent plants that can be an option reported by various sources: 1. Garlic The first snake repellent plant can choose garlic. Arrange the garlic plants near the fence to prevent snakes from entering the house. The pungent smell of garlic is not liked by snakes. Not only that, garlic has also been known since the days of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as a snake repellent plant. “Snakes don’t like to go through the smell of onions and decide to go elsewhere,” David Nkwanga was quoted as saying by New Vision. Photo: haibunda.com/Wishfa Hafshah 2. Marigold Marigolds are also one of the snake repellent plants. This plant has roots that give off a strong aroma that can repel many pests and animals in the garden. The strong aroma is what makes marigolds also a snake repellent plant. The beautiful marigold color of course will also color your home page. “Like garlic, the same thing can be applied to marigold plants,” said David. 3. Mother-in-law’s tongue Maybe your house is surrounded by mother-in-law’s tongue now. resistant to making snakes go away. Mother-in-law’s tongue can be placed indoors and outdoors. Not to mention the care for this one snake repellent plant which is fairly easy because it doesn’t need to be given water often. Read on for other types of plants on the next page, Mother. Also check out the video of 5 ornamental plants that produce oxygen that you can grow at home:
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