Jakarta – I can’t believe the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for almost two years. Previously we were used to spending at least 70 percent of all our daily activities outside the house, yes, Mother. Going to the office every morning or hanging out with friends at the cafe has become a common thing. This pandemic is forcing us to stay at home. Based on the data, not a few Generation-Z are starting to feel hopeless. One of them is due to increasingly limited job vacancies because many companies have terminated the hiring process, or even reduced the number of employees. There are fewer job opportunities, so the job competition is getting tougher, right? Well, that’s why Generation Z is really important to develop themselves and improve their skills so they can continue to compete in the professional world! On November 26-28 2021, Girls Beyond will hold a Go Get It Conference powered by BRImo #DiscoverYou. This event was created to support Generation-Z who want to develop themselves and improve their soft skills. There are so many inspirational speakers who will fill this event, you know! Starting from Najwa Shihab, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Putri Tanjung, Marissa Anita, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Mrs. Sri Mulyani, Hannah Al Rashid, Ariel Tatum, and many more! There are more than 10 inspiring talkshow sessions that you can watch starting from November 26, 2021. The Go Get It Conference event is also sponsored by Softex and Grab. Come on, register directly to the Virtual World, yes, FREE: gogetit.girlsbeyond.com. Not only can you watch talk shows, in the Virtual World Go Get It Conference there are also many other exciting activities, you know. There is a Market District which contains virtual booths from 10+ brands that offer interesting promotions! You can explore the excitement of the BRImo booth, Softex, Solcare, Everwhite, Emina, Soleluna, Dermaluz, Feat for Skin, Hoshizora, Beauty Studio, and Guele Cosmetics. Besides the Market District, there is also a Networking Space feature where you can meet new friends, share with each other, and network online! You can choose a topic that you like and explore discussions with other Generation-Z friends. This event is also supported by Detikcom, Wolipop, HaiBunda, Insert Live, CNBC, Beautynesia, CNN, Girls, CXO Media, Trans TV, Trans 7, WMN by Narasi Prambors, Global Radio, Circle, Greatmind, PLAN International, Girls Leadership Academy, WomenWorks, Hi Fear Club, ESMOD, and Haloka. What are you waiting for? Come on, register yourself at the Go Get It Conference Powered by BRImo! The event is FREE, you know! (som/som) .

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