Winamp’s new logo. (Winamp) – A music player that was so popular in its time, Winamp has just announced a new logo for the application which comes with a number of interesting features. This change for Winamp will be a new revolution. The announcement about the new Winamp logo was officially delivered through the music player application site. Winamp promises a more modern look for its users. Reporting from GSM Arena, after a long time maintaining the old model. Now Winamp has evolved and created a music player application with a new design that is much more attractive. Winamp believes that the new design of the music player application will again become more booming than the previous series. One of these reform efforts was carried out in terms of the Winamp logo which has been in use for quite a long time. So iconic for its time, the new Winamp logo will use two misaligned vertical lines. Previously, Winamp used a yellow logo similar to lightning. Winamp’s new logo. (Winamp) Rivaling the popularity of Spotify and other music player applications, this latest version of Winamp also allows users to be able to listen to music online. Increasingly, a number of new features that are presented by Winamp are radio and podcasts. Later, Winamp will be a new opportunity for content creators. Although it has officially introduced the latest version of Winamp with this new logo, it is still unknown when this model will be officially introduced to the public. .

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