The builder shows off his salary above the minimum wage. (instagram/tyanond_) – The action of a builder when showing off his salary above the minimum wage has succeeded in making netizens jealous. It cannot be underestimated, the total income of this builder figure immediately became a netizen conversation. This video about a builder who shows off his salary above the UMR was uploaded by the @tyanond_ account and went viral on Instagram last Friday (11/5/2021). Seen from the uploaded video, a builder driving a forklift seems to be recording his work environment. In the video description, the figure of a builder reveals the total salary he gets every month. The builder admitted that he was paid a fantastic Rp 250 thousand per day. Not every month, the builder apparently gets paid once a week. If calculated, this man pocketed a total of Rp 7 million per month. ”Don’t be jealous of your friends’ salaries, which are Rp 4.5 million per month. My salary is IDR 250 thousand per day, I pay once a week. Enough is enough,” wrote the caption in the video. Builders show off salaries above the minimum wage. (instagram/tyanond_) Stealing attention and going viral on Instagram, this upload about a construction worker showing off his salary above the UMR immediately reaped various comments from netizens. “It’s good, I only earn the minimum wage as a bribe,” replied the netizen. ”Humble to skyrocket” another account commented. ”1 digit, don’t be loud,” said netizens. ”Why arrogant” wrote another netizen replied. Viral on Instagram, the upload about the builder showing off his salary above the UMR has then received more than 1,900 likes and hundreds of replies from netizens after the @tyanond_ account was uploaded. .

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