Circumcision method of the 1990s. (instagram/jadoel.ig) – An old photo of a boy while being circumcised became a netizen conversation recently. Far from being modern, this circumcision method in the 1990s immediately made many social media users horrified by it. Going viral on Instagram, this old photo upload of a boy while being circumcised was uploaded by the @jadoel.ig account on Thursday (11/25/2021). ”Who used to be circumcised like this? Tell me the joy” wrote the caption for the upload @jadoel.ig. Seen from the upload, a boy in a batik sarong will be circumcised by an adult man in a white shirt who is a circumcision orderly. On the other hand, to make him not afraid of the procession he was about to go through, the boy’s father supposedly closed his eyes. Circumcision method of the 1990s. (instagram/jadoel.ig) Enough to steal attention, the upload of this old photo of a boy while being circumcised then reaped various comments from netizens after going viral on Instagram. A number of netizens recalled various promising things from parents for their children who were about to be circumcised. “Bribed toy cars are suggested if it feels like being bitten by an ant but it really hurts,” replied the netizen. ”Oh God, I can’t imagine,” another account commented. ”The next day I immediately bought Nintendo” said netizens replying. ”Ouch, it feels like nano-nano” wrote another account replying. Viral on Instagram, the upload of this old photo of a boy being circumcised has received more than 3,500 likes and hundreds of replies from netizens after being uploaded to the @jadoel.ig account. .

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