Victim of Add Yours Instagram. (TikTok) – The Add Yours Instagram feature is again taking its toll. TikTok account @Ryfaa shared his story of being almost a victim of the feature. Through a short video, the account owner tells how the chronology is. However, it was the blasphemy he got from netizens. How not, it all started with a challenge to show the front and back credit card photos. Without thinking, the user took up the challenge without censoring his card number. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before someone took advantage of the post. The user gets an incoming email saying someone is trying a cardless transaction. Because of panic, the user then calls the bank and says that the activity was not him who did it. Victim of Add Yours Instagram. (TikTok) “You know this challenge right? I joined without a card number censor. Immediately an email came in wanting a card-free transaction. I immediately called the bank person asking to be suspended, if it wasn’t me,” he wrote. “I immediately asked the bank to block it,” he added. Instead of getting the attention of TikTok users, these users are getting blasphemed. Netizens say that all these incidents are purely due to the user’s personal fault. He should have weighed the causes and consequences before joining in useless trends. “You are wrong, later the IG feature will be blamed,” wrote one netizen. “Why are you the opposite of really smart, sis.” “It’s okay to follow the trend, but I think we also have to be smart, to be able to sort out what is dangerous and what is not,” said another. Watch the video HERE. This is not the first case, previously there was an uproar about an Instagram user who was tricked because of the Add Yours Instagram feature. Fraudsters use the user’s first name to build trust if they are old friends. How did the fraudster know the victim’s first name? of course from the Add Yours Instagram feature “your name variation”. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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