– PSM Makassar surprisingly terminated their coach, Milomir Seslija. The coach from Bosnia is officially no longer in charge of PSM starting today. The news of Milomir Seslija’s dismissal was conveyed directly by the CEO of PSM, Munafri Arifudin. “Coach Milomir Seslija has no longer continued his duties at PSM Makassar. Starting the game against Persipura (Jayapura) in week 14 (BRI Liga 1), the team will be led by caretaker Syamsuddin Battola,” said Munafri as published by TIMES Indonesia –voice network. com, Friday (11/26/2021). As a result, PSM is not too flashy in the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition until week 13. The Juku Eja team is only in the middle board or ranked 10th in the standings table with 17 points. Apart from that, the standings are not in line with the expectations of PSM management, on the other hand PSM’s game is also considered not to show the character of PSM which has been known as a team with fast and hard games. The sharp spotlight came after PSM lost 0-1 to PSIS Semarang in the match week 13. This of course made PSM supporters react strongly. Even on social media, PSM supporters were buzzing with the hashtag #milout as a form of disappointment for the supporters because the team’s graphics continued to decline. The former coach of Arema FC, the Juku Eja team could only make four wins, five draws and four defeats in BRI Liga 1 this season. In the last three matches, Wiljan Pluim et al have also never tasted victory. Meanwhile, Syamsuddin Battola, the replacement for Milomir Seslija, is not new to PSM Makassar. In fact, he is known as a coach who is considered to be able to grow the character of PSM. In the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season tournament, Syamsuddin Battola succeeded in bringing PSM to the semifinals, even though at that time they were not the favorite. .

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