Desperate to record rain using HP, suddenly lightning struck. (TikTok) – There is a video circulating that tells of a man who was desperate to record rain using his cellphone. At first it seemed like a heavy rain, but the continuation was unexpected. It appears in this viral video on social media, the man is recording the situation around him when heavy rain hits. Rain and lightning are one of the conditions that HP users should avoid. That is, you should not play electronic devices when it is raining heavily accompanied by lightning. The TikTok account @RusdiPutra shows how dangerous it is to play cellphones with lightning. In the viral video on social media, the man is seen recording the rain using a very heavy cellphone on a road. It was so heavy that even tree branches fell onto the street. But what happened next took me by surprise. How not, when the man was cool to record, suddenly there was lightning that struck nearby to have an impact on his cellphone. Luckily, the man did not experience any serious problems. It’s just that his HP mic is off so there is no sound in the continuation of the video. Desperate to record rain using HP, suddenly lightning struck. (TikTok) However, in the description of the viral video on social media, the user stated that it was the speaker who died. “It’s the mic that’s dead, bro. How dare you hold your phone in the rain?” asked one netizen. “That’s your own fault, Bambang, that’s why airplane mode first before recording. It must be the lightning that makes you numb, right? hahaha.” “Lightning is indeed fierce, if there is lightning, all of my neighbors’ TVs are damaged, my Panasonic TV is safe.” “It’s okay, bro, luckily it’s still safe. The HP mic is only replaced with 100 thousand,” said another. Actually, playing HP at home when it rains and lightning is still safe. What is not safe is when you are desperate to play HP in an open room when it is raining accompanied by lightning. It is not known whether the use of this man’s HP that invites lightning or not. However, it is not recommended to play HP outdoors when it rains heavily with lightning strikes. That’s a viral video on social media, a man is desperate to record rain using his cellphone until suddenly lightning strikes. Ended up making his HP mic die. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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