Devil May Cry 5: V, Nero and Dante. (Capcom) – Steam is a handheld console that fans have been waiting for next year. Capcom has just uploaded a video about Devil May Cry 5 running smoothly on the Steam Deck. Valve itself has a pretty good reputation in presenting new products. Even so, there is little doubt about how well the Steam Deck can run some games that demand high specs. The company seems to be trying to dispel those doubts by showing off Devil May Cry 5 on consoles. The video shows that the game appears to run at 60 FPS without experiencing any slowdown or lag. They previously claimed that the console could handle any game available on the Steam service. Quoted from Gamerant, this video is expected to be a warm-up event before the console is available in the first quarter of next year. Valve some time ago promised PC games available in their digital store to be played portable. However, there are concerns whether this handheld can make it happen. Devil May Cry 5 runs smoothly on the Steam Deck console. (YouTube/ Devil May Cry) Responding to these concerns, Pierre-Loup Griffais, one of the coders at Valve, confirmed that their internal testing targets PC games to run at least 30 FPS consistently on Steam Deck. But unfortunately, he did not reveal in more detail what PC games they had tested internally on the “portable PC console”. Devil May Cry 5 runs smoothly on the Steam Deck console. (YouTube/ Devil May Cry) As with Nintendo and Sony, Valve was reportedly affected when the global market experienced a chipset supply crisis. Valve has decided to postpone the Steam launch for the next two months. “Steam Deck’s launch will be delayed for two months. We’re sorry, we’re doing our best to address global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components don’t reach our manufacturing facilities on time. Based on the latest estimates, Steam Decks will begin shipping to customers. in February 2022,” Valve wrote on its official website. It’s pretty interesting looking forward to other favorite titles when they run at high frame rates on the Steam Deck. .

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