Jakarta – Mother, did you join the team on the child’s lap in the car or did the team use a car seat? Some parents in Indonesia may answer a lot of the child’s lap team in the car, yes, Mother. Regarding this matter, Dr. Bagus Pramantha Putra Wijaya, Sp.OT, explained that the fact is that using a car seat from infancy to children is important. In addition to safety, the use of car seats can reduce the risk of accidents by 71 percent, you know. Bagus revealed that traffic accidents are still one of the most common causes of death in children aged 4-14 years. He then advised parents to use a car seat according to the age of the child. There are three types of car seats that are adjusted for age. The three types are as follows: 1. Rear facing car seats Rear facing car seats are used from birth to age 2-4 years, Mother. “We usually use this for newborns, that actually babies who have just come out of the hospital must use a car seat,” he said. It’s good to advise to use a rear facing car seat, Mother needs to make sure the safety is installed and the child’s head position is not higher than the car seat. 2. Forward facing car seat Furthermore, forward facing car seat can be used if the rear facing car seat has exceeded its limit. “Indeed, several journals and sources state that rear facing car seats are the best for minor impacts during an accident,” he said. Forward facing car seats can be used up to a minimum of 5 years old. It’s good to remind, make sure the strap on this type of car seat is above the child’s shoulder and does not have a gap with the body. 3. Booster seat The booster seat itself is used when the use of a forward facing car seat is no longer possible. So, children can use seat belts in general, Mother. How to install the right car seat After discussing the types, Bagus explained that the installation of a car seat must be in the right position, Mother. So, the car seat must be in the second row of the vehicle and it is strictly forbidden to install it in the front seat. “It is strictly forbidden to install in the front seat because when there is an impact or accident, and the air bag is emitted, it can cause serious injury and cause death.” “In America itself, it is strictly prohibited and there are even penalties if the parents neglect to seat the baby in the front.” For the installation of the car seat itself, the car seat should be installed in a position of 30-45 degrees. Then, don’t forget to read the manual to find out how much amount of overhang is allowed for each car seat. “Amount of overhang means what percentage of car seats are allowed to come out of the seat, each product has a description. Don’t forget to also check the angle. Don’t forget to also check the seat belt in the car, parents also need to make sure the car is compatible for car seat installation, “Regarding the car seat, there is also an important part that mothers need to know and this is why most parents make mistakes when putting their children on a car seat, namely harnesses and chest clips. Read more on the following page. Also check out the correct use of car seats through the following video:
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