This moment on the gamenet makes gamers nostalgic. (TikTok/ @itsyourcrispy) – Old gamers definitely have their own memories when playing on the gamenet with close friends. A video about the cheers of the boys on this gamenet has succeeded in making netizens nostalgic. A TikTok user with an account named @itsyourcrispy shared a video about a neatly arranged row of PCs. The sighting reminds us of the scene on the gamenet. There are also children who come to watch teenagers while playing games. In his statement, the @itsyourcrispy account explained that this video is one of the memories of playing in an internet cafe or gamenet in 2009-2017. “Maybe now we can buy a PC and play to our heart’s content. But not with the memories,” wrote @itsyourcrispy through the caption in the video. He shared a video with a backsound of a song called Dear God from Avenged Sevenfold. The video post that was shared went viral after being watched more than 500 thousand times and getting 39 thousand likes. This moment on the gamenet makes gamers nostalgic. (TikTok/ @itsyourcrispy) Not a few netizens from the 90s generation still remember the glory days of internet cafes or gamenets. Many old gamers reminisce about the moment when they spent a night out with friends and “familiar” with instant noodles. Some games such as Point Blank (PB), Lost Saga, and DragonNest have become favorite games for old gamers. The video shows when one side on the gamenet screams when they can beat the opponent. Older gamers sometimes miss the moments with friends even though they may now be working and making a lot of money to buy a gaming PC. Illustration of a assembled gaming PC. (Instagrarm/ henrycavill) “Enjoy, for those of you who are currently busy at work. This is just nostalgia, although it is impossible to go back to that time, but the memories are very lasting,” added @itsyourcrispy. This viral video about memories on the gamenet provoked various comments from netizens. “It’s really nostalgic (sad emoticons) if you have a night package until morning with friends,” recalled @u**r**2. “Today’s children don’t know how annoyed they are when someone plays YouTube in an internet cafe,” commented @ad**yaf**esay4. The sight of the boy on this gamenet makes netizens nostalgic. (Facebook/ Dika Lubis) “Greetings players from LS, PB, Ninja Saga, RF players,” wrote @A*du**zis. “I used to have a lot of time to play games, but my pocket was poor for top-ups. Now I work, I get a lot of money, I can top-up, but I don’t have time. My friends are far away (crying emoticon),” confide@r* *ky**it. “If it’s a war clan like this, it feels like joining a tournament,” replied @Ri**lB**yir. Viral videos about memories of playing on gamenet can be seen via this link. .

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