Faced with Asteroids That Could Hit Earth, NASA Prepares DART. (NASA) Hitekno.com – The United States Space Agency (NASA) launched a new spacecraft on Tuesday (11/23/2021). But this spacecraft is intended to hit the asteroid. NASA launched this spacecraft as a new weapon to hit and prevent asteroids from hitting Earth. DART or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, as the program was called, was a test mission. NASA hopes to build an asteroid-fighting weapon if the mission is a success. As reported by Suara.com, DART, launched from California, will hit Dimorphos – a small asteroid that is actually a moon or satellite of the larger asteroid Didymos. Dimorphos measures about 160 meters, while the parent has a diameter of 762 meters. NASA hopes DART will be able to hit Dimorphos between September and October 2022 and change the asteroid’s direction. The targeted collision occurred when Earth’s distance from the asteroid was about 11 million kilometers. Faced with Asteroids That Could Hit Earth, NASA Prepares DART. (NASA) “What we’re testing here is an attempt to deflect a threat,” explains NASA’s Thomas Zuburchen. It’s important to note that the lovebirds Didymos and Dimorphos have absolutely no potential for hitting Earth. They were targeted by NASA because they belong to the NEO group of asteroids or near-Earth objects, whose trajectories are closer than 48.2 million km from Earth. NASA is targeting Dimorphos also because of its size factor. According to scientists’ calculations, an asteroid with a diameter of over 140 meters can destroy a city and trigger an explosion equivalent to an atomic bomb if it hits Earth. Currently, there are more than 10,000 NEO category asteroids that are more than 140 meters in size. But NASA has yet to find any of those objects that could potentially hit Earth in the next 100 years. Faced with Asteroids That Could Hit Earth, NASA Prepares DART. (NASA) But the problem, according to astronomers’ calculations, is that it is estimated that there are still more than 15,000 large asteroids that have not been recorded and could hit Earth in the not too distant future. That’s NASA’s effort to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth by preparing the DART spacecraft to hit it. (Suara.com/ Liberty Jemadu). .

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