Jakarta – Who doesn’t know Tom Cruise, Mom? His films, such as Mission: Impossible, must be familiar to Mother’s ears. Behind his popularity, it turns out that this one actor has an unusual life story. One of them is about the beliefs held by Tom Cruise, namely Scientology. The actor, who is now 58 years old, is known as a devout Scientologist, Mother. Therefore, it is not surprising that many media are trying to talk about Tom Cruise and Scientology. Even a US reporter named Maureen Orth did special coverage on Scientology and its relation to Tom Cruise’s partner audition. It is said that after breaking up with Nicole Kidman, Cruise got help from the Church of Scientology to find a partner. “Tom was in Spain. They opened a new Church of Scientology in Madrid, and he inadvertently complained that he needed a new girlfriend,” said Lawrence Wright, author of the bestselling book ‘Going Clear’, quoted from Business Insider. The name of the actress Nazanin Boniadi then appeared as one of the candidates for Tom Cruise’s future wife. In October 2004, the Iranian-born actress allegedly volunteered for the Office of Special Affairs in Los Angeles. Boniadi was later told by Church official Greg Wilhere that he had been selected for a special project, Mother. Based on the news written by Orth, Boniadi had to go through several difficult processes before being appointed as a candidate for Tom Cruise’s future wife. The process includes extensive training, makeovers (darker hair, better teeth), and secret agreements. Yes, Mother, besides that, Nazanin Boniadi was told that her braces must be removed and her red hair color must be corrected. In fact, he was also urged to end his relationship with his girlfriend at that time. The process of finding a candidate for Tom Cruise’s future wife took months. Until finally, in the fall of 2004, the figure of a beautiful brown-haired woman was predicted as a partner to play Maverick in the film Top Gun. Click NEXT to go to the next page. See also tips for introducing religion from an early age to children:
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