– It has been Friska Asta’s dream to become a child development consultant for a long time. That hope was fulfilled and Friska began to enter the world of children in 2009. For Friska Asta, children have various traits and characters. So that in educating, providing guidance, and direction are not always the same for every child. This is also a challenge for Friska. Friska Asta (left) with Aurel Hermansyah and Shandy Purnamasari. [Instagram]”I have been interested in the world of parenting for a long time. Then I also have children and I know more and more how important parenting is. I also want to share it with mothers out there for us to learn together,” said Friska Asta in an interview session. In paranteng science, Friska Asta also takes advantage of technological sophistication. This 35-year-old woman was then moved to create a platform called, to support parents in getting the right information and providing services. “So I and want to help parents who want to learn parenting and child development well. I’m also happy to share with mothers about child development,” said the hijab-wearing woman. Friska Asta and her son. [Instagram]Apart from, Friska Asta is also active on Instagram. With the @friskadis account, Friska often shares her knowledge in terms of child development and parenting. Friska Asta added. Apart from being a child development consultant, Friska Asta also writes a book about parenting. Incidentally, the in-laws of Gilang Widya Pramana and Shandy Purnamasari have a hobby of writing. 13 books have been published, one of them with the theme “Listening”. Friska Asta, Rossa, and Shandy Purnamasari. [Instagram]This book is a story book that teaches children to be better able to sort out good words in communicating with others. “So, this book teaches children to be able to listen to people well. children to ask questions because there are procedures and ethics,” said Friska Asta. .

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