Illustration of getting married. (Pixabay/ StockSnap) – Cousins, which are ties of grandparents or grandparents, are usually the ones who accompanied us when we were little. This girl became a netizen conversation after uploading a story about marrying a cousin. TikTok users with the @viviafriani account share videos to answer netizens’ questions. He previously showed off a video when he was successfully married to a cousin. “What’s asking for his blessing?” write @viviafriani caption on the video. He implies disaster-like words when asking for the blessing of the family. The backsound by Padip (@magnumpilterr) which is famous for providing a connection between couples is also added to the video. “Married to a neighbor (nope). Married to a cousin (yes). How do you ask for his blessing? Rainstorms, hurricanes, lightning, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes,” reads the description in the video. This girl confides about the obstacles when she wants to marry a cousin. (TikTok/ @viviafriani) The video post that was shared went viral after being watched more than 990 thousand times and getting 30 thousand likes. Through the previous video, the @viviafriani account explained that their relationship was hampered by the blessing of their parents. But they finally managed to get married and have children after a long blessing. “Initially, the parents and extended family didn’t agree. Thank God the hero (child) is healthy and afiat. Well, before we get married, we must find out the law first. If it’s religiously allowed, then gas (laughing emoticon),” wrote @viviafriani in another video. This woman told that her husband was the son of her mother’s siblings. For information, the keyword “married to a cousin” had spiked in Google Trends during Eid some time ago. Not a few people have a crush on their cousin so they look for keywords like that. The viral video regarding the request for blessing to marry this cousin provoked various comments from netizens. Some netizens highlighted the request for blessing which may be very difficult if you marry a cousin. This girl confides about the obstacles when she wants to marry a cousin. (TikTok/ @viviafriani)”Honestly, I just found out that Islam is allowed even though there used to be a very beautiful cousin of mine. It’s too late now she’s married (sad emoticon),” commented @fh**2*. “Hopefully the relationship will be harmonious. Don’t let it break apart. Because if it’s broken, it’s not just husband and wife, but parental brotherhood,” said @un**ulanb**ak. “Surely when the guests were married, the same family came, nothing changed…wkwk,” commented @Ay**usu*. “Actually, I also want to marry my cousin, but asking for permission is definitely difficult and embarrassing,” wrote @M**ch** Viral videos of vents and moments of asking for permission to marry cousins ​​can be seen via this link. .

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