Girls like Jennie BLACKPINK. (tiktok/itzmehwengpadua) – A TikTok video of a girl recently made a stir on TikTok. Having a face similar to Jennie BLACKPINK, this girl immediately became a netizen conversation after the video went viral. This upload about a girl who has a face like Jennie BLACKPINK was uploaded by the @itzmehwengpadua account and went viral on TikTok on Friday (9/24/2021). Seen from the uploaded video, a girl is busy making TikTok videos. Making the wrong focus, this girl’s face was then said to be similar to the BLACKPINK frontman, Jennie. This girl and BLACKPINK’s Jennie became even more similar because they both have long black hair. It is not known with certainty the identity of the girl, but after this upload went viral on TikTok, various comments were then left by netizens. “Jennie was still eating cilor with ice cheesy,” replied the netizen. Girls like Jennie BLACKPINK. (tiktok/itzmehwengpadua) ”Oh, this is Ms. Jennie when she was still living at the Ciamis intersection,” commented netizens with other accounts. ”It is increasingly believed that there are 7 twins on Earth” said another netizen. ”It’s polished with a little make up, it’s definitely Jennie,” another account wrote in reply. Enough to be a conversation, this video about a girl like Jennie BLACKPINK has already pocketed tens of thousands of likes and replies from netizens who also praised her. You can watch the girl’s TikTok video here. .

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