AE Nino won MVP of the Week in the fourth week. (Instagram/ – After completing MPL Season 8 last year, Alter Ego Nino became a guest star in a talk with Jonathan Liandi at Empetalk. Responding to RRQ Xin’s taunting in the playoffs, Nino admitted that he was carried away by emotions and was not focused. Shining in the regular season round, Alter Ego’s performance suddenly declined when entering the playoffs. Celiboy and his friends were unable to withstand the onslaught of the other teams who played super well. Regarding Alter Ego’s performance in the playoffs, Nino gave an explanation after being cleared by RRQ Hoshi in the MPL Season 8 playoffs last year. According to Nino, RRQ Hoshi’s taunting in the match against Alter Ego really affected him. Nino said that Xin’s screams made him emotional and lost focus. Furthermore, Nino admitted that Xin’s shouting about Alice’s gameplay had really affected this Alter Ego goldlaner. He also said that this made him want to reply to the screams. ”Against RRQ, I feel defeated by myself, I was carried away by my atmosphere. Because Xin screamed, so I brought him just wanted to scream back. So I’m getting emotional, I don’t focus on the game. Bang Xin shouted, oh, how about playing Alice, it was a very successful shout,” explained Nino. In addition to the less good game, Nino admits that RRQ Hoshi’s taunting action is enough to be one of the things that affect Alter Ego, especially himself. As a result of this defeat, Alter Ego actually achieved an unsatisfactory result in the MPL Season 8 playoffs. .

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