– It has not been a month since the artist Felicya Angelista gave birth to her first child. As a new parent, she still needs to learn how to take care of a baby from experienced people. “I like to ask my friends. It’s like this again, that’s how it is, how about it. They will also tell me,” said Felicya, quoted from Youtube Cumicumi, Friday (11/26/2021). Felicya Angelista and Caesar Hito in a virtual press conference, Thursday (11/11/2021) [ Pangesti]Apart from friends, Caesar Hito’s wife also often asks doctors via WhatsApp messages. Luckily, the two doctors he often contacted quickly responded. “I also always ask my doctors too, doctor Thomas and doctor Ayu, they really look like I’m terrorizing in WA,” he said. “I asked something, I asked, for example, I just asked hiccups. They also respond really fast, I also don’t want sotoy, if there’s anything, I must ask the doctor,” he said again. Felicya Angelista’s First Child Birth Moment. [Instagram]According to Felicya, the husband’s role is equally important when they have a new baby. He couldn’t imagine if Hito was indifferent and didn’t help take care of the little one. “Definitely the closest support from Hito, because you are husband and wife, papa and mama are like that now. So support 24 hours, Hito. The family is also very supportive,” said Felicya Angelista. Felicya Angelista gave birth to her first child on November 9, 2021. The baby girl was named Graziella Bible Emmanuela. The delivery process is done by caesarean section. The reason is that Felicya feels more secure and comfortable because her preparations are more mature. .

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