Jakarta – Infidelity is one of the things that can damage a marriage relationship, Mother. With the cheating party, they automatically have lost trust in the other partner. According to an Adult Clinical Psychologist, Alfath Hanifah Megawati, cheating means a romantic relationship related to emotional and sexual closeness, Mother. He also revealed that a person can only be said to have an affair if this relationship is carried out with someone who is not his main partner. “Cheating is a romantic relationship in which there is closeness, both emotionally and or sexually, with someone who is not his main partner. Not his main partner. Not his husband or wife,” he told HaiBunda some time ago. In a study conducted by a psychologist named Glass in 2003 revealed that there is a visible difference between friendship and infidelity, Mother. There are at least three components that can make someone said to be having an affair. The first component of infidelity is mutual attraction, Mother. Psychologist Mega even reveals that someone who feels attracted by another person will find out more about that person. “So (there is) a desire to be closer, to find out what is inside a person,” said the woman who is familiarly called Ega. In addition, there is also a component of intimacy, Mother. This component is a component that is seen when someone is close emotionally and or sexually. Mega revealed that the last component is secrecy, Mother. When the husband starts to cover up the activities he does, Mother begins to suspect her husband, here. “For the chat itself, first look at the context and content of the chat. If in the chat there are elements of intimacy, interest, and especially if the chat is hidden from the partner, it can be called a cyber affair or cheating online, ” explained the psychologist who practices in this Three Generations. So is it still acceptable? When you find out your husband is cheating on you, you probably don’t want a divorce. Therefore, there are some tips that you can consider to be able to accept your husband back, here. 1. Know the reason for receiving back When you know that your husband has shared his love, many emotions will arise. For example, sad, angry, and many unanswered question marks. If you decide to take your husband back and give him a second chance, you need to know why you took him back, here. If the reason is not firm, it could be that your marriage will falter. “The wife must know what is the reason for accepting her husband back. What is the reason why Mother wants to maintain this marriage. When the basis is not strong enough, then be careful. This could be the thing that makes our marriage shaky,” said Mega. Click read the next page to see more tips, Mother. Mother, also check out the video facts behind Princess Diana’s interview below:
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