RRQ Lemon on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast. (YouTube/ Deddy Corbuzier) Hitekno.com – Mobile Legends eSports fans must be familiar with the figure of RRQ Lemon. Entering Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, RRQ Lemon’s video immediately became the number one trending on YouTube. The interesting thing is that the video has reached millions of views in less than a day. At the time of writing this news article, RRQ Lemon’s video, which is featured on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast, has been viewed more than 4.6 million times. In just a matter of hours since the podcast aired, the video has surpassed 1 million views. The man whose real name is Muhammad Ikhsan looks very relaxed and can even laugh out loud on the podcast. RRQ Lemon itself is famous for its calm and mysterious nature. Even the CEO of RRQ, Andrian Pauline, once admitted that Lemon was an unpredictable and mysterious figure. “Yes, you know what kind of person Lemon is, right? It’s very mysterious, isn’t it? Even now, it’s been four or almost five years since I’ve known him, it’s still mysterious to me. So I don’t know whether to come back (MPL Season 9) comeback or what ” said the CEO of RRQ when interviewed on Jonathan Liandi’s Empedtalk event some time ago. RRQ Lemons. (instagram/ikhsan_lemon) However, when entering Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, RRQ Lemon frankly revealed his journey to become an eSports pro player. Lemon admitted that he became a pro player thanks to the support from his parents, especially his mother. Deddy Corbuzier and Lemon also talked about the Mobile Legends world championship, the M3 World Championship. Knowing the M3 prize which reached 800 thousand US dollars or Rp. 11.4 billion, Deddy Corbuzier admitted that he was surprised and did not expect that someone who played games could get a lucrative salary and prizes. RRQ Lemon on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast is trending number 1 on YouTube. (YouTube/ Deddy Corbuzier) “Means you get 11.4 billion? You get 11.4 billion, that’s amazing! Playing games can get 11.4 billion,” said Deddy Corbuzier. Lemon also said that the salary of an eSports pro player can reach tens of millions of rupiah. When they win the competition, they can even earn hundreds of millions of rupiah. The veteran player from RRQ admitted that his income in the eSports world has not been bought for anything luxurious, but instead has been saved. “If you’re just saving now, you haven’t (buy a house). The problem is that the place to live has been provided. Everything is provided, there is also a car,” said RRQ Lemon. From Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast, we can see the simplicity of Lemon. Muhammad Ikhsan also shared that he is still single and is currently focusing on making money. RRQ Lemon’s video on Close The Door podcast which is trending number 1 on YouTube also received tens of thousands of comments from netizens of eSports fans. .

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