The man who cheated on his wife via WA actually made netizens laugh. (Twitter/ txtdrstoryWA) – WhatsApp (WA) has now become a messaging application owned by most people. A husband who praises his wife through stories on WA actually makes netizens amused. The @txtdrstoryWA fanspage account shared a screenshot of someone’s WA story. “True love (true love),” wrote the caption. In the WA story, the husband seems to want a romantic style by praising his wife. The screenshot shows his wife’s selfie face along with a row of writing below. “My ribs (love emoticon). There are many beautiful women but not as beautiful as your heart’s content, my wifi,” reads a rag uploaded by the husband. Netizens actually found an oddity in one of the English terms in the upload. The word “My Wifi” immediately made netizens amused and made funny comments. Not even a few of them fix the patch so it looks even cuter. The man should have written “My Wife” which means “My wife”. The word “Wifi” itself has the same sound as the term “Wi-Fi”. The man who cheated on his wife via WA actually made netizens laugh. (Twitter/ txtdrstoryWA)It is a technology that utilizes electronic equipment to exchange data wirelessly. Wi-Fi can connect devices with internet connectivity without cable intermediaries. This husband’s talk to My Wifi managed to go viral on Twitter after getting more than 3,300 Retweets and 22 thousand Likes. Hundreds of netizens participated in hilarious comments and gave other jokes to help the man. “What he means is that WiFi is a Vitamin Area. So close to the girl is with Vitamins. During this pandemic, immunity is number one,” said @nu*il**300**30. The man who cheated on his wife via WA actually made netizens laugh. (Twitter/ txtdrstoryWA)”You’re my wifi because I feel the connection. “Don’t tell me the password, bro, it will be accessed by a lot of people,” commented @y**is*n. “Tomorrow, if you are gentlemen, please learn English, so it’s not so funny like this (laughing emoticon),” said @d**asji*b. That was the man’s compliment to his wife in WA that made netizens laugh, what’s your version of the gossip suggestion? .

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