Jakarta – Seeing houses that are built with luxury and terraces may become commonplace in urban areas, yes, Mother. However, it is different from those in the following villages. Some time ago, YouTuber Alman Mulyana shared his activities in Ciranca Village, Mulyasari, Majalengka sub-district. Interestingly, the house there is like belonging to the sultan or luxurious. Not just one or two houses, you know. It is known, almost all the houses there were built similarly. On the way around the village, Alman then met a resident who was about to enter a fairly simple house. On that occasion, he then asked about the magnificently built house near them. Apparently, the 2-story luxury house belongs to the resident, Mother. He said, the house was built for 1 year and cost Rp 1.5 billion. Then, Alman also asked the resident about his job. Turns out, the man was selling toast. “Selling bread. Toast,” he replied, quoted from Alman Mulayana’s YouTube channel on Friday (11/26/2021). What is even more surprising is that this resident not only sells bread, but also owns a factory in Papua. “The factory is in Papua, Sorong,” he said. Continuing the journey, Alman then met again with a father and son couple who were spending time together. To them, Alman also asked the same question as the previous residents. This time, Alman just found out that almost all the residents there sell toast. Outside the village, they sell toasted street food on the street, Mother. “Selling bread. Bandung toast,” said the father. It’s not about a luxurious house that attracts attention, Mother. There, the residents who built the gedongan house did not seem to forget the old house. In addition to the house that stands majestically, on average there is an old house belonging to them which is smaller and older and a fish pond. From the house, access to the back is direct to rice fields or forests. These houses don’t just stand on the side of the main road, Mother. Not a few houses are also built on the slopes of the mountain with footpath access. The people of this village also seem friendly and humble. This can be seen from their appearance and attitude when Alman comes and asks questions. In addition to houses, the residents there also make mosques no less big than their homes. From the trip, the mosques that are passed look good and are very well maintained. Check out other stories on the following page, Mother. Mother, also see 6 tips for decorating the living room to make it look aesthetic in the following video:
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