Jakarta – Most Popular: Read the most popular articles on HaiBunda, Thursday (25/11/2021). Starting from the youthful portraits of Diana Pungky and Marini Zumarnis to Adele’s sirtfood diet. 1. More than 20 Years Passed, Take a Peek at 4 Portraits of Diana Pungky & Marini Zumarnis Who Are Ageless Marini Zumarnis recalls the moment with Diana Pungky through the soap opera Bidadari and Jinny Oh Jinny. Take a peek at the latest portrait of the two who are still young here. 2. 7 Portrait of Akurnya Anji and Sheila Marcia, Husband of Flood Pujian Bun Long time no see met, it turns out that Anji and Sheila Marcia’s relationship is still in a good relationship, Mother. Until Sheila Marcia’s husband was praised by netizens. Check out the photos here. 3. 100 Baby Girl Names from Indonesian, Unique and No Less Modern Bun Waiting for the birth of your little one certainly requires careful preparation, Mother. In addition to preparing baby equipment, there is no less important thing that must also be prepared, namely a name for the beautiful little one. Mothers can indeed get inspiration for baby names from various languages ​​around the world, but there is a choice of languages ​​that are no less cool, namely the official language and the unity of our country, Indonesian. Read more here. 10 Minutes Cooking Recipe Banner/ Photo: HaiBunda 4. Getting to know Adele’s Sirtfood Diet, Can Lose Weight to 50 Kg After a long hiatus from the stage, Adele is back in public with a different body shape. The 33-year-old singer is known to be on a sirtfood diet. What is Adele’s sirtfood diet? Adele’s sirtfood diet managed to lose 50 kilograms (kg). In a year, Adele’s sirtfood diet can lose weight up to 20 kg. Adele’s sirtfood diet program was carried out for approximately four years. Read more here. 5. Aunt’s father questioned Doddy Sudrajat’s attitude to Vanessa Angel for 10 years The family conflict of the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah is still not over. This is related to their relics. Meanwhile, Bibi’s father, Faisal, vented his emotions because of Doddy Sudrajat’s attitude. Faisal regretted the different attitudes of Vanessa Angel’s family who should be grieving the loss of a daughter. Recently, there have been rumors about Vanessa Angel’s father wanting to control the daughter’s property. Read more here. (aci/fir) .

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