Jakarta – Jakarta – Mother, when your little one makes a mistake that triggers emotions, we often even ‘rebuke’ him with shouts, shouts, or throws. Oh, it’s so hard to control these emotions, Mother, especially when we’re tired or sensitive. After the heart has cooled and can think clearly, finally Mother feels sad and regrets having done it to the Little One. Although sorry, a few days later the same thing can happen again. We can scold a child again if he does something that provokes emotions. Sometimes you must ask yourself, how come we can get out of control and do it, and how can we stop the habit. How can we finally be more patient and calm when the Little One does the same thing? Don’t worry, Mother, that kind of emotion is actually natural for every parent to experience. However, of course we can’t just sit back and let it happen again in the future. Quoting from Ahaparents, a child’s fear of being scolded as a child can last into adulthood. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that psychologically parental anger can be dangerous for children. Banner for home-based diet/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia According to the trainer, therapist & parenting counselor, Ibu Wening, children aged 0-7 years should be treated as kings. “We as parents have to be very understanding. If he runs around bumping the table, please understand, or accidentally breaks something, we must also be patient. Understandably because they have only lived in this world for a short time, there are many things they want to explore, We need to know a lot, okay?” Then, what should be done so that we can control our emotions and not get overly angry with our children? Here are the tips, Mom. 1. Treat inner wounds. Check if you have any mental wounds from parental care, whether you used to get yelled at. In fact we don’t like it, but we do the same thing. Then how to stop the habit? Mother should clean up first by forgiving all events in the past. We received the upbringing maybe because our parents got the same treatment. Therefore, Mother must break the chain. If not, your little one will do the same to their child later. To find out other ways to control emotions, click on the next page. Check out the video about revealing the fact that emotions arise when hungry below.
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