Jakarta – I used to be not a jealous woman. But after my husband’s affair, I became an overthinking and jealous woman. It all started when I was 3 months pregnant, at that time my condition often dropped due to nausea and could not eat. As a result, I often fall asleep quickly and often wake up in the middle of the night. At that time my husband accidentally fell asleep with the cellphone still on. I accidentally read a chat with another woman, an intimate chat that has led to sexual relations. At that time I decided to be quiet but left the house. After that incident my husband swore never to have another affair and I finally forgave him. Photo: HiBunda When I was 6 months pregnant, my husband was caught chatting and calling with different women. At that time he always said he was just a friend and that was his style of friendship. But why are friends to give up to Rp. 15 million taken from birth savings?! I thought their relationship was over. But in the months leading up to birth, they are still in touch. At that time we had a big fight until the in-laws found out. This makes the husband promise not to have sex again. But again, my cousin caught the woman in her husband’s car. My husband doesn’t confess and always argues, but I always try to believe and forgive him. And, it happened again when the girl’s birthday. My husband ordered flowers and celebrated at the hotel while I was at home taking care of my newborn child. I forgave him again. A day ago I came back to know that they are still in touch and now my husband has left me and our 6 month old son. I live far from my parents and have no siblings where I live now. I pray that if my husband is still a mate, return his heart and body. But if it’s only up to here that Allah SWT has destined us, give me the sincerity to let it go. Please pray that I can go through this ordeal soon and Allah SWT will immediately give happiness to me and our children. (Mother AC, did not provide location) Want to share a story, Mother? Let’s share with us by sending Mother’s Story [email protected] the story is selected to be broadcast, will receive attractive prizes from us. Also check out the following video about Fanny Fabriana who suggests striking things to this actor. (ziz/ziz) .

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