Jakarta – Good news is covering the families of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Mother. Exactly today, November 26, 2021, both of them have been blessed with a second child, a boy. This was also conveyed directly by Raffi and Nagita through his Instagram account, Mother. In the post, Raffi is holding the child in hospital clothes. “Alhamdulillah.. Born healthy and good this morning. Add another hero Papa Di Andara,” wrote the Instagram account @raffinagita1717 quoted on Friday (11/26/2021). Not only that, Raffi Ahmad asked for prayers from the family and all netizens for the child and Nagita, Mother. However, Raffi has not revealed the face and name of his second child. “Ask for your prayers too, Guys for Nagita and baby sister. Baby Grandma ‘R’ What’s her name????” he explained later. It is known that Nagita Slavina gave birth at 07:36 WIB, Mother. The baby boy was born with a weight of 3,095 grams and a length of 48 cm. “Congratulations Mama and Papa @raffi_nagita17. A boy has been born at 7:36 WIB with a weight of 3,095 grams and a length of 48 cm. #TikToktainment #TikTok #RaffiAhmad #BabyR #Bhirans,” wrote TikTok Indonesia’s official Twitter account. In his Instagram Stories, Raffi also shows Rafathar’s reaction after officially becoming an older brother, Mother. He looked happy as he continued to accompany his mother. “Congratulations, being a big brother, yes. High-five,” said Raffi Ahmad. While welcoming his father’s hand, Rafathar then asked his mother’s condition. He also wanted to know how much longer Nagita had to stay in the hospital. “Mommy how many days stay here?” asked Rafathar. “Mama for a while (stayed at the hospital). Tomorrow also go home,” replied Raffi. Before officially becoming an older brother, Rafathar also gave the best prayers for his mother and sister. Click read on the next page, Mother. Mother, also check out the following video gift ideas for baby girls:
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