– NET TV has presented a collection of interesting programs that can accompany you from morning to evening. The following is today’s NET TV schedule for Friday, November 26, 2021 in full. Today’s broadcast will be filled with a number of exciting entertainment programs such as Comedy Night Live, The Comment and RT.5. Not only that, there are several shows for children, namely Hafiz and Hafizah, Hello Jadoo, Digimon Universe App Monsters, Detective Conan, Cells at Work! And Shinbi’s House. For Korean lovers, don’t miss the romance drama entitled The Heirs and Find Me in Your Memory. After that, it will immediately continue with the show Indonesia Next Top Model Cycle 2 which shows the excitement of the competition to become the top model. So as not to miss some interesting NET TV shows today. The following is the full schedule as reported on the official NET TV website. The schedule listed below is subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the TV. Also Read: Synopsis of Vidkill, Dikta and Estelle Linden Film Get Mysterious Terror 00:00 WIB: One Championship Warrior01:00 WIB: Comedy Night Live02:00 WIB: The Comment03:00 WIB: Eastern Indonesia Time04:00 WIB: 8605:00 WIB : The Wisdom Behind the Story05:30 WIB: Hafiz and Hafizah06:00 WIB: Hello Jadoo07:00 WIB: Digimon Universe App Monsters08:00 WIB: Eating Delicious09:00 WIB: IPOP09:30 WIB: Happy Diary10:00 WIB: Asik Family10: 30 WIB: Good Afternoon Indonesia11:30 WIB: TikTok WOW12:30 WIB: Detective Conan13:30 WIB: Cells at Work!14:30 WIB: Shinbi’s House16:30 WIB: Cooking Fun17:00 WIB: The Heirs18:00 WIB: Find Me in Your Memory19:00 WIB: Indonesia Next Top Model Cycle 220:00 WIB: Let it Go Viral21:00 WIB: RT. 522:00 WIB: 8623.00 WIB: JATANRAS This is a brief summary of NET TV’s schedule for today, Friday, November 26, 2021. Hopefully the information above can be useful for you and can be a reference for entertainment for the weekend. Contributor : Muhammad Zuhdi Hidayat .

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