Jakarta – Breastfeeding is full of emotional experiences, Mother. Including experiencing sore nipples to swollen breasts which seems to be a daily challenge for breastfeeding mothers. The case of sore nipples is a classic problem, but it is enough to make you sick. Not to mention, in the midst of the pain, the task of breastfeeding still has to go on. Duh, I don’t think I want to cry, Mother, if it’s like this. Even though sore nipples are a normal condition, they shouldn’t be taken lightly, Mom. If left prolonged, it certainly causes discomfort and the risk of infection. “Mild discomfort is normal in the first few days of breastfeeding, especially when the baby is latching on. However, interruptions that last more than a week or throughout a feeding session certainly indicate a problem,” says Christina J Valentine, MD, medical advisor and lactation consultant at Columbus Children Hospital. , as quoted from the Parents page. To avoid discomfort, you also need to analyze the right technique during the breastfeeding process. If you’re still not proficient, take a lactation class at your local hospital or consult a counselor. Homemade eating pattern banner/ Photo: Hi Mother/Mia If the problem of sore nipples still appears, make sure to fix it right away, Mother. Don’t wait a month or even linger to seek help. The earlier you spot a problem, the easier it is to recover, says Jack Newman MD, a pediatrician in Toronto. And, speaking of sore nipples, of course you want the treatment to be natural so that the breastfeeding process is not disturbed and the baby feels safe without chemical effects, right? Well, don’t think too long, Mother, about it. Because, there are many natural sore nipple remedies out there that you can use. Here are some of them, Mother, as quoted from the Parenting First Cry page: 1. Apple cider vinegar Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water. After feeding, dip cotton balls in the mixture. Gently apply to the nipple and areola. This mixture will destroy bacteria and keep the nipples clean. Click on the next page, Mom. Also check out the video about the 3 effects of nipple confusion on your little one below.
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