Jakarta – There is good news coming from Nola B3’s family, Mother. Not long ago, the beautiful singer gave birth to her fourth child. He shared the news via Instagram. In the post, the 43-year-old woman showed off a portrait of her baby girl’s legs. “Assalamualaikum wr wb. Alhamdulilllaaah our 4th baby has been born…,” he opened, quoted from the @riafinola account on Friday (11/26/2021). On the same occasion, Nola also leaked the baby’s name until the time the baby was born. “‘Aladya Odetta Nakeya Ayu’, November 26, 2021 at 08.42 WIB. New member from @thebaldys,” he continued. Not only that, Nola also wrote down her prayers and hopes for her beloved daughter, Mother. He said, may his daughter be pious and become the happiness of the family. “God willing, Nakeya will become a pious child and complete the happiness of our family.” “Thank you to all who have been praying for #Nakeya from the beginning of pregnancy until the time of delivery. Wait for our happy story about the process of giving birth to #Nakeya today,” he continued. Nola’s post then reaped a lot of comments, Mother. He received congratulations from his fellow artists and his followers. “Alhamdulillah…. Baby Nakeya, I’m welcome… welcome… can’t wait for mama to meet you. Congratulations Papa @baldynola & mama @riafinola, kaka @naura.ayu @bevan.putera @ney_neo,” wrote Cynthia Lamusu. “Alhamdulillah! Congratulations The Baldys,” said Widi Mulia. “Aaaaahhh welcome to the world Nakeya!! Congratulations Tha Baldys.. Can’t wait to meet Nakeya!!!,” said Ersa Mayori. “Eeeeeh, Numa’s friend has been born!!! Welcome to the world of beautiful children!!! We’ll have a playdate later,” said Mona Ratuliu. See the continuation on the next page, yes, Mother. Mothers, also check out six interesting and useful gift ideas for baby girls in the following video:
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