– The phenomenal growth of online shopping over the past 10 years has had a negative impact on the environment, where packaging waste from e-commerce, mostly plastic and cardboard, is piling up in every household in Indonesia. There are more than 6 million e-commerce packages equivalent to 9,000 tons of waste that are sent every day in Indonesia, excluding food delivery. As a logistics e-commerce startup, Paxel is also responsible for providing solutions. In collaboration with environmental startup Waste4Change, Paxel launched the PaxelRecycle service to help Indonesia meet the recommendations of COP26 and SDG, in addition to overcoming the negative impact of e-commerce growth on the environment. E-commerce is one of the industries that is predicted to increase 40% of its waste production by 2030, according to M Bijaksana Junerosano Managing Director of Waste4Change.“One of the impacts that we are starting to feel is the reduced capacity of the TPA to accommodate so that we need to immediately find a new location for the construction of the TPA. By collaborating with Paxel, we can increase the amount of waste that is recycled, reduce the landfill burden and grow new jobs in the environmentally friendly sector or what we call ‘green jobs’,” said Sano, in an online press conference, Thursday (25/11). /2021). Launched to coincide with its 4th anniversary as well as commemorating Indonesia’s Tree Planting Day on November 28, PaxelRecycle, can be accessed on the Paxel application from mobile phones. Hero (courier) Paxel will pick up e-commerce waste packaging from home and deliver it directly to the waste bank managed by Waste4Change for reuse or recycling. The co-founder of Paxel, said that implementing zero waste living is the first step that can be taken by individuals. “Paxel will help every e-commerce consumer to be able to continue shopping online and also protect the environment through PaxelRecyle. Let’s become e-commerce consumers who care about the earth and create a circular economy for e-commerce,” he said. In the initial stage, PaxelRecycle serves to pick up cardboard, bubble wrap, plastic bottles, glass bottles (besides paint, mosquito repellent and toxic ones). others) in the Jabodetabek and TangSel areas. Environmentally friendly garbage bags can be found in the Paxel application to start PaxelRecycle. .

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