Bigteron Alpha Renbo. (instagram/btr_renbo) – Some time ago, a number of rumors circulated about the Bigetron Alpha player who was the target of GPX. Not Branz or Bottle, apparently the target player for GPX is Renbo. Previously, rumors about the Bigetron Alpha player being the target of GPX were revealed by the CEO of Bigetron, Edwin Chia. He said that the CEO of GPX, Donkey, had expressed his desire to propose to one of the Bigetron Alpha players. After this rumor circulated, many people suspected that Branz and Bottle were GPX’s target players. However, in the latest rumors leaked by GPX Earl, the target player for GPX is Renbo. ”Bottle tank, that’s the new BTR roster, guys, right? Because here Renbo will move to GPX, guys,” said GPX Earl in a live streaming on NIMO TV. This fragment of Earl’s GPX live streaming video on NIMO TV was then uploaded to Instagram by the @emak_moba account. Responding to the video, Earl then confirmed that he conveyed this as a form of sarcasm to viewers. ”Gosh, it’s clearly sarcasm viewers” wrote GPX Earl with the Instagram account @evos.earl. Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is still no official confirmation from GPX or Bigetron Alpha regarding the team’s new player figure. The reason is, until now, Renbo is still under contract with the red robot team. After completing MPL Season 8, now each team is preparing to enter the transfer list period ahead of the upcoming Mobile Legends MPL Season 9 tournament. .

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