Jakarta – Wenny Ariani’s confession about Rezky Aditya’s biological child, Keke, was once a byword for the public. Had not acknowledged Keke, recently Rezky was accused of admitting this. Previously, Citra Kirana’s husband always refused and insisted on not admitting that Keke was his blood. However, in the recent confession and child custody hearing, Rezky Aditya’s side could not present an expert witness. The 36-year-old sinetron allegedly began to recognize Keke as his son, Mother. However, this made Wenny Ariani feel that Rezky Aditya was inconsistent and doubtful regarding his actions for refusing to admit keke, the child Wenny had born. “So today, the trial that must be carried out is one expert witness from the defendant as presented by the defendant’s attorney last week. However, it turns out that they apparently failed to present an expert witness,” said Wenny Ariani’s attorney, Sadath at the Tangerang District Court. Rezky Aditya’s attitude in dealing with the issue of this case is considered not serious by Wenny Ariani’s attorney. “Yes, what is the name, we say that the defendant can be said to be not serious. This may be a condition that they have doubts about their consistency which they have maintained so far,” he continued. 10 Minutes Cooking Recipe Banner/ Photo: HaiBunda Sadath also said that the absence of expert witnesses in the trial was a form of void space for Rezky Aditya’s side. This means that Rezky Aditya subtly admits that Keke, Wenny Ariani’s son, is also Rezky Aditya’s son. “What is certain is about the expert itself, the proving agenda and when the expert who was planned to be later is not present, maybe from a legal perspective they can’t find a room, meaning that they already know that Keke is really the son of Rezky Aditya,” said Sadath. Previously, Wenny Ariani appeared to the public wearing the initials ‘W’ to ask for clarification on her son who is now eight years old. He and Rezky Aditya had a relationship in 2012. This case also reached the ears of the Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait. According to him, this case is the result of the selfishness of parents. He also asked not to let their children become victims. “It’s just parental selfishness, especially why you don’t admit it. How come they know, don’t let the child be because you two are rude, because he was not born of his own free will,” said Arist Merdeka Sirait at the Tangerang District Court some time ago. . Arist also reminded Rezky Aditya to acknowledge Wenny Ariani’s child. The reason is, he will be considered to have violated the rights of the child if he does not do so. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also watch the video on how to prevent mastitis as experienced by Citra Kirana.
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