RRQ Lemon on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast. (YouTube/ Deddy Corbuzier) Hitekno.com – Recently, RRQ Hoshi frontman Lemon appeared as a guest on a podcast created by Deddy Corbuzier on YouTube. Making a scene, one of the funny comments was then left by Emperor or Jonathan Liandi in the video reply column. Lemon’s presence on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast is enough to steal the attention and get various reactions from fans. In a short time, the video immediately won millions of views and ranked first in the Trending YouTube Indonesia column. It is only natural that many did not think that Deddy Corbuzier had succeeded in bringing in RRQ Lemon. The reason is, this pro player from Aceh is known to rarely want to appear to the public in various events and opportunities. Lemon’s presence on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast also reaped various hilarious reactions from fans to fellow pro players. Jonathan Liandi or Emperor also gave his reaction. For information, Emperor has long asked Lemon to appear in a podcast on his personal YouTube channel, Empetalk. Unfortunately, Jonathan Liandi’s request was never accepted by Lemon. Lemon on the Deddy Corbuzier podcast. (youtube/Deddy Corbuzier) In the reply column for the video uploaded by the Lemon and Deddy Corbuzier podcast, Emperor then left a comment which immediately drew various reactions from fans. “Tired of waiting for years, it turned out to be Paquito’s corner,” wrote Jonathan Liandi, equating the figure of Deddy Corbuzier with the hero Paquito. Emperor’s comments were then replied by other fans who equated Lemon with Prabowo, who often appears in podcasts with Deddy Corbuzier. “When did Lemon refuse, Prabowo just came,” replied the fan. Until this article was written, the Lemon podcast video with Deddy Corbuzier ranks first in the YouTube Trending column with a total audience of more than 5.6 million since it was uploaded on Thursday (11/25/2021). .

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