RRQ Lemon reveals the salary of pro players in Mobile Legends on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. Illustration: RRQ Lemon. (instagram/ikhsan_lemon) Hitekno.com – RRQ Lemon, who was willing to be invited to Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast, immediately caused a stir among eSports fans in the country. When asked by Deddy Corbuzier, RRQ Lemon finally revealed the salaries of pro players in Mobile Legends. Unmitigated, the amount of salary and prizes delivered by Lemon surprised Deddy Corbuzier. RRQ Lemon’s video is trending at number one on YouTube. The interesting thing is that the video has reached millions of views in less than a day. At the time of writing this news article, the video of RRQ Lemon which is included in Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast has been watched more than 4.9 million times. In just a matter of hours since the podcast aired, the video has surpassed 1 million views. Even though he is known as a pro player in Mobile Legends with a calm demeanor, the man whose real name is Muhammad Ikhsan can actually laugh out loud on podcasts. RRQ Lemon on Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door podcast. (YouTube/ Deddy Corbuzier) Lemon explained that Mobile Legends pro players can make money by becoming content creators. Not only that, high income can also be obtained when participating in a professional competition from the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL Indonesia). “When we join the eSports team, we already have a contract, we get paid for everything. Yes (paid per month). The size of each player is different. Surely there are values ​​of all kinds. It’s pretty big in Indonesia,” said Lemon. “Are you serious? When I grow up, I want to be a pro player,” said Deddy Corbuzier. “You can (get rich) if you keep on winning. The amount depends. If you win once (winner 1) in the tournament, you can get hundreds of millions from the prizepool. If you don’t win, maybe tens of millions of rupiah,” said RRQ Lemon. The new Mobile Legends logo. (Facebook/Mobile Legends Bang Bang) Earning tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah is certainly very tempting, especially for those who have a passion in the game world. Deddy Corbuzier and Lemon also talked about the Mobile Legends world championship, the M3 World Championship. Knowing the M3 prize which reached 800 thousand US dollars or Rp. 11.4 billion, Deddy Corbuzier admitted that he was surprised and did not expect that someone who played games could get a lucrative salary and prizes. “That means you get 11.4 billion? You get 11.4 billion, that’s amazing! Playing games can get 11.4 billion,” said Deddy Corbuzier. RRQ Lemon’s video on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast is currently trending number 1 on YouTube. After seeing the salaries of pro players in Mobile Legends as stated by RRQ Lemon, are you interested in pursuing the world of eSports? .

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