Jakarta – There is always an exciting story, Mother, when preparing various kinds of food for the Little One who is in the MPASI stage. Mothers also seem to always have to be creative in creating special tricks so that children want to eat their food so that their nutritional and nutritional needs are still met. Especially for babies who are experiencing teething, Mothers certainly have to find ways to keep them eating in the midst of the discomfort in their mouths. Usually, when the baby is teething, the eating routine that was already formed will change again, Mother. This is because the teething process usually causes pain or at least a feeling of discomfort in the little one’s mouth. Sore gums can make your little one not want to eat the same as they usually eat when undergoing the complementary food routine. Then what is the best complementary food menu for your little one who is teething? There’s no right or wrong answer, Mom, try different menus and textures, and see which foods seem to make your little one the happiest. Reporting from Made for Mums, “You may feel your little one has a reduced appetite when he is teething,” said GP Dr Philippa Kaye. “But try not to worry too much because they will still get most of their nutrition from their milk and within a few days of teething they will be back to normal and may even have a day or two of hunger.” Pontianak Women’s Banner Nikahi Bule/ Photo: haibunda.com/Wishfa Hafshah Complementary options for teething babies: Soft puree – some babies prefer to eat soft puree when they are teething Smooth cold food – yogurt from the fridge can help as it’s cold can relieve discomfort Chewable foods – Other babies prefer something hard to chew because the pressure of chewing on something hard can also relieve pain. Whether you use puree, mashed food, finger food, or baby led weaning, your little one will tell you if they don’t want to eat it. Let them eat if they want, and if they don’t, you have to be sure that they will eat once their teeth are in and they feel better. As usual, if you are worried, see your doctor. Why does teething affect appetite? “Not all babies will be affected by teething, there are some that do not experience pain, but there are babies who go through the teething process as a painful process,” said Dr Kaye. “Although the process of tooth eruption from the gums does not affect the ability to eat itself, the pain and discomfort that usually accompanies teething can affect the process and appetite. Simply put, if your mouth hurts, you might not want to eat either, right?” Then about how to make your little one feel more comfortable while teething? Check out the full details on the following page, Mother. Check out the video on how to take care of the teeth of a 6 month baby below.
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