– Even though it is difficult to get up, children’s music continues to produce talented talents. Now the one who is stealing attention is an 11-year-old singer named Vin. Besides having good vocal skills, Vin also has other advantages. At a young age, he is very good at playing the guitar. Through his Instagram account, @ruangvin which has 12 thousand followers, Vin often sings and covers popular songs. Because of this action, Vin is also widely said to sound similar to David Bayu, the former vocalist of the Naif Band. Vin’s little singer [Instagram]About 10 months ago, Vin then released a song called “Like in a Dream”. In this song, Vin also shows his mature vocal ability. This song has been successfully watched more than 53 thousand times on YouTube. Even though his name is starting to be known, Vin doesn’t want to be complacent. This boy with a sweet smile actively participated in various singing competitions and won them. He is also active and studying vocals at Purwacaraka’s music school. After the success of the song “Bagaikan Dalam Mimip”, Vin is getting ready to release his newest song entitled “Si Chipmink”. The song, which is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2021, tells the true story of a cat that belongs to him. Vin and Purwacaraka. [Instagram]This song that shows Vin’s seriousness in the Indonesian music world, besides being suitable for children to listen to, can also be enjoyed by adults because Vin’s pleasant musicality is the hope for the children’s music industry in Indonesia to be heard again. His presence is expected to represent the voices of Indonesian children, which are currently very rarely heard, and even seem to have disappeared. Vin wants to restore the identity of Indonesian children so that they are not only given adult songs. .

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