Jakarta – The curriculum is an important part of the education system in Indonesia. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), the curriculum is a set of subjects taught at educational institutions, Mother. The standard in this educational system is determined by the central government, in this case the Ministry of Education and Culture. No wonder the curriculum can change according to government regulations. Next year, the curriculum will be replaced by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbudristek) Nadiem Makarim announced a number of Kemendikbudristek programs that will be launched in 2022, one of which is curriculum replacement. Minister Nadiem revealed that the Ministry of Education and Culture will start offering a more independent curriculum for teachers and students. Currently, the curriculum is being piloted in a number of driving schools. “We will start offering a much more independent curriculum, now it is being tested at the driving schools,” said Nadiem. According to Nadiem, this latest curriculum is understandable and more flexible so that it can be adapted by teachers according to the abilities of their students. In addition, this curriculum also provides opportunities for teachers to be creative and innovate. “So the learning process is easier,” he said. Nadiem said there will be many exciting new breakthroughs in the next year related to education. However, he asked the public to be patient and urged all department heads to reopen face-to-face schools. “So many things will definitely be interesting next year, be patient. Please urge all department heads for face-to-face schools to be implemented immediately,” he said. Now, in addition to changing the curriculum, Nadiem will also hold a teacher recruitment program next year. What kind of recruitment is this, Mother. CONTINUE READING HERE.

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