Jakarta – Rarely seen on the small screen, actor Gary Iskak is no longer what he used to be, Mother. The man who was born in Jakarta has changed, he has moved since a few years ago. To Arie Untung and Fenita Arie, Gery and his wife, Richa Novisha, shared their experiences during the hijrah process. Turns out, the decision came from Gary’s friend’s suggestion. Actually, Gary said that the message to repent and return to God’s teachings had been received from parents. However, he and Richa at that time had not heeded it. But until at one time, the message was more and more Gary heard. He remembered that one of his friends asked and invited him to join the emigration. “We’ve been reminded by our parents, all kinds of things. It’s just okay, we’re still like that. Until finally, many people remembered and one of our friends said, ‘It’s okay, let’s go back to God’s teachings’,” said Gary, quoted from the STORY UNTUNGS YouTube channel on Thursday (11/25/2021). Furthermore, Gary revealed that at that time he was too far from God. In fact, he admitted that he was polytheist at that time, Mother. “Yes, there is a moment, which… it’s a polytheist business, because I’m lazy to talk about it.” “So that made me take my family there too (mushrik),” he continued. With such conditions, Gary who will start to study Islam and return to the way of Allah must return to say the shahada. “So I have completely left Allah. I have to read the creed again.” “If you are polytheist, you have to take the shahada again. It’s the same as if you became a convert,” he continued. Different from Gary, Rischa herself followed her husband and moved some time later. At that time, he admitted that he still took Gary’s invitation to change. Richa said that Gary initially invited himself to pray at the mall, but at that time he just said ‘later’. Not only that, Gary also started to advise his wife to use the hijab. But just like before, Richa didn’t take it too seriously. “Yes, at first Gerry told me, I just ignored it. It’s still normal,” he said. See the continuation on the next page, yes, Mother. Mother, also check out seven hijab tips that are right for a round face shape in the following video:
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