– Welcoming Friday, it’s incomplete not to watch the Trans TV program. Trans TV has presented various excellent programs that can be your viewing that should not be missed. The following is Trans TV’s schedule for today, Friday, November 26, 2021. Trans TV is one of the television stations that has broadcast programs to attract families from the past. Today, Friday, November 26, 2021, there are several interesting programs such as Brownies (Sweet Chat) hosted by Ruben Onsu, Ayu Ting Ting, Ivan Gunawan and Wendy Cagur. In addition to talk shows, you can also watch the drama series Cinta Fitri and the Trans TV Cinema which will show Riddick and Collide. To watch all Trans TV programs, you can watch them through television channels or streaming via the page. The following is Trans TV’s schedule for today, November 26, 2021, as reported by the official Trans TV website. The schedule and programs below are subject to change at any time without prior notice and at Trans TV’s discretion. Also Read: Synopsis of Vidkill, Dikta and Estelle Linden Films Get Mysterious Terror 05:00 WIB: Islam is Beautiful06:30 WIB: Insert Pagi07:30 WIB: CNN Indonesia Good Morning08:30 WIB: Morning Ambyar09:45 WIB: Who Wants It Winner 10: 30 WIB: Fit and Fun 11:00 WIB: Special Gift11:30 WIB: Insert12: 30 WIB: Brownies (Sweet Chat) 14:00 WIB: Rumpi (No Secret) 15:00 WIB: Insert Today16:00 WIB: CNN Indonesia News Update17:30 WIB: Drama Series Trans TV (Cinta Fitri)18:30 WIB: Tendean Clinic19:30 WIB: Insert Story20:30 WIB: Dream Box Indonesia21:30 WIB: Trans TV Cinema (Riddick)23:30 WIB : Trans TV Cinema (Collide)01:30 WIB: CNN Indonesia Connected This is a brief summary of Trans TV’s schedule for today Friday, November 26, 2021. Hopefully the information above can be useful for you and can be a reference for entertainment for the weekend. Contributor : Muhammad Zuhdi Hidayat .

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