Jakarta – The family feud of the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah continues. The dispute over the custody of their son, Gala Sky, made Kak Seto as the general chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Agency (LPAI) intervene. The two families of Vanessa and Bibi are currently taking care of the guardianship rights of the 1 year 7 month old toddler. Gala’s grandfather, H. Faisal and Doddy Sudrajat are known to have applied for guardianship rights at their respective domicile Religious Courts. Doddy Sudrajat explained that his party had discussed with Aunt Andriansyah’s family. He said, both parties had the same desire to get custody of the Gala Sky. The problem is further exacerbated by the case of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah’s inheritance, which may be passed on to Gala Sky. Recently, Doddy and Faisal seem to express their disappointment to each other in public. Seeing the endless conflict, Kak Seto asked both parties to lower their egos to cool the atmosphere. The reason, both families are currently still grieving. “He’s holding back, the goal is to dampen the atmosphere, make it cooler and find the best way,” said Kak Seto when met in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, Thursday (25/11). The owner’s full name, Seto Mulyadi, also advised them to end the dispute. Because, this debate can also have an impact on Gala’s psychology, which is currently unstable. Sis Seto is worried about Gala’s situation, which he fears will get worse with this chaotic struggle. “Because Ananda Gala has fallen, don’t let it cause an atmosphere of struggle,” he said. Kak Seto also offered to mediate in order to make peace. The psychologist and child protection activist wanted to bring together the two families of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah. This is done for the future of Gala Sky, Mother. Kak Seto said he would soon arrange a time to bring Doddy Sudrajat and Faisal together. He hopes to do it soon next week, Mother. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also watch the video about the clarification of Aunt Andriansyah’s sister who was accused of using mourning money:
[Gambas:Video Haibunda] (anm) .

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