Samsung One UI 4. (Samsung) – Samsung officially announced the launch of One UI 4 for a number of their devices. What’s new in this One UI 4 update? The South Korean company announced that the One UI 4 update will be present for the first time on Samsung Galaxy S21 series devices. Including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, starting November 15, 2021. This update provides new customization options, privacy features, and access to Samsung’s ever-evolving ecosystem, One UI 4 delivers a more sophisticated mobile experience, putting users in complete control . “We are committed to giving everyone access to the best mobile experience possible, as soon as possible,” said Janghyun Yoon, Executive Vice President and Head of Software Platform Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “One UI 4 fulfills that promise, equipping Galaxy smartphone users with the latest customization and privacy features. But we won’t stop there. Soon, other smartphone and tablet users will also be able to take advantage of this software update, getting a smoother experience across the board. our ecosystem.” he added. Samsung One UI 4 – New Home Screen & Widgets. (Samsung)Your Galaxy, Your Style The One UI 4 update allows users to enjoy a mobile experience tailored to meet their unique needs and express their individual personalities. With a wide variety of new Color Palettes to choose from, you can change the look and feel of the changes from the home screen to icons, menus, buttons, and backgrounds. In short, the One UI user interface delivers simplified interactions and a clean and elegant design. With One UI 4, you’ll get customization options at every turn. With widgets that are redesigned and offer more detailed customization, expressing your signature style on a smartphone becomes very easy. The redesigned and improved widget offers deep customization — from visibility to appearance. You can also put important widgets on the Lock screen such as a calendar to check your schedule at a glance to Voice Recorder to record ideas that pop up suddenly, without needing to open the lock screen. You also get easy access to a more interesting and diverse range of emojis in one place, so you can easily configure your choice to enjoy a more exciting communication experience. If one emoji is still missing, you can also combine two emojis into one animation to really express how you feel at that moment. Express yourself with a wider variety of emoji, GIF, and sticker features available right from your keyboard. Samsung One UI 4 – Privacy Control. (Samsung)Protect What Matters Most There is no privacy without strong security. Therefore, with Samsung One UI 4, Samsung brings the latest privacy and security features, so you can choose what you want to share or keep private. With One UI 4, it’s easier than ever to monitor and control your privacy settings, from alerting you to when an app tries to access your camera or microphone, to a new privacy dashboard that puts all your settings and controls in one convenient place to monitor. For example, from this dashboard you can immediately temporarily block camera and microphone access to all applications. The Samsung One UI 4 also takes advantage of an extension to Android 12’s permission options, allowing users to see a history of the things they’ve allowed in the last seven days, not just the last 24 hours. You can also check the current data usage of the things you allow and the apps you use. Samsung One UI 4 – GoogleDuo. (Samsung)Connecting You to a Wider Ecosystem Samsung One UI 4 helps you make the most of a broad ecosystem that spans from Samsung’s suite of devices to third-party apps, providing a more robust mobile experience. Samsung’s partnerships with other industry leaders, such as Google, ensure a seamless experience when using your favorite third-party apps and services. That means you can enjoy apps like Google Duo, which provide high-quality video calls with friends and family. And whether you’re using the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Tab, you’ll get the same look and feel across your devices, and you’ll be able to sync devices seamlessly. Availability The One UI 4 update is available on the Galaxy S21 series starting November 15 and will soon be available on the previous Galaxy S and Note series as well as the Galaxy A series, foldables and tablets. This announcement comes alongside a software update for the Galaxy Watch series starting November 15 allowing users to enjoy enhanced health features and new watch faces. Look forward to whether your Samsung device will get this One UI 4 update. .

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