Jakarta – Rape can inflict deep trauma on the victim. Not only that, rape can also affect the people around the victim. Everyone’s response when they hear about rape cases can be different, Mother. According to Risky Adinda, M.Psi., Psychologist, clinical psychologist from the Bureau of Awareness Psychology, the responses that appear are generally emotional, such as being surprised, angry, or sad first. This is because he heard the negative events that befell the people closest to him. This unexpected incident makes people around the victim feel shocked, angry, to sad and guilty because they feel unable to protect the victim. “It’s also natural for someone to feel confused and worried about the condition of the victim. They are also confused about how to accompany or provide security to the victim,” said the psychologist who is usually called Dinda. Not only emotional responses, they can also issue a response in the form of behavior. The action appears as an instinct to protect the victim. For example, by advocating for cases of rape or sexual harassment to legal channels. Even so, the psychological process that occurs in each person can be different, Mother. This is because the case of rape is a situation that can trigger stress in a human being. When we hear news or news of rape, we will automatically assess how much stress arises from the situation. The body will also measure how well we will manage it. In psychology, responses that can arise when faced with stressful situations are fight (fight when we feel we are able to manage the problem), flight (run away because we see the problem can be managed by running away from it), or freeze (stay silent feeling unable to manage the problem properly). any way). So, why does everyone have different reactions such as fight, flight, or freeze when faced with a stressful situation? Dinda said it could be influenced by the situation itself, how big the problem and the threat that would arise from the problem. Not surprisingly, some witnesses chose to remain silent when they learned about a rape case. According to Dinda, there are several factors that make a person silent even though they know about a rape case. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

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