Jakarta – I can’t believe it’s the end of the year, Mother. The birth of Mother’s handsome baby is getting closer. Of course, the presence of the Little One is a year-end gift for Mom and Dad. Have you prepared a baby name for your little one? Mothers can give it a name according to the month of birth, namely December. Most babies born in December have an attractive personality, such as a warrior spirit and love to help. Of course, this makes babies born in December full of happiness and enthusiasm for the future. Illustration of baby names/ Photo: Istock Reported from the book 9999 Baby Names: From Various Languages ​​Complete with Meaning By Nailul HD, here are the names of baby boys inspired by December. Check it out, Mother! Abner means father of light Azad means freedom Aziz means confident Allen means full of spirit Arthur means spirit Ahlad means happiness Aidan means passionate Adolfo means wise warrior Adolph means wise warrior Bara means free, holy Brady means spirit Buntari means youthful spirit Bahi means the spirit of Berdy means high spirit, intelligent Christian means Christian follower Catori means the spirit of Camilo means the liberator Caden means fighting spirit Carlos means a free man Chiranath means eternal Chico means a free man is free Dima means a strong warrior Donovan means warrior from the dark Duncan means confident Drew means dream Dumi means inspirer Dustin means brave warrior Evan means young warrior Ezakiel means the strongest and best from God Ezra means helper Edwin means friend who is rich, smart Egbert means confident, brilliant Felixmeans happy Francis means free, brave Frank means free man Florian means flowered Gunther means warrior Ghozi means the warrior Gabriel means God is my strength Gellert means brave warrior Humphrey means peace Huriah means freedom Hector means love of freedom, defender Herbert means brilliant warrior Harold means warrior, kind, smart Jasper means treasure giver Jesse means gift Jalal means greatest, happy Kane means warrior Kyler means archer Karey means helper Kody means helper Kariman means struggler Khadli means humble Lior means light Limber means happiness Luwar means freed Maalik means responsible Mukti means freedom Muin means helper Nico means victory Noel means Christmas Nova means new Nicholas means victory Naaman means happy Nohan means happy Makenna means Muntasir happiness the winner Manar means safety Orma means a free man Olubayo means happiness is immeasurable Paul means humble Praneet means humble and simple Rami means wise protector Rufus means confident Roddy means confident Rafid means helper Roderick means confident Ronen means to be happy Sreeya it means favorable Shen means Shala spirit means humble Saef means helper Sadubi means virtuous Sambram means Shakir spirit means grateful Tajarud means freedom Sarai means the prince Saguna means has a good nature Sahansan means adventurer who is always attentive Uriel means God is my light Walter means Walmond warrior means the ruler Wyatt means little warrior Wilasa means happiness William means protector Vijayand means happy for the victory Vijayank means the image of victory Yodha means famous warrior Zuhdi means humble It ulah Mother, 100 baby boy names inspired in December. I hope there is a name that you like. Also check out the video about Christian baby boy names meaning God’s gift below.
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