Jakarta – During this pandemic, children’s confidence can decrease due to limited social interaction. In fact, self-confidence is needed by children in building relationships in the future. No need to worry, Mom. Confidence can be developed from an early age. The important role of parents is needed to build and hone their little one’s confidence. According to Cikal Main House educator, Christopora Intan Himawan Putri S.Pd, M.Psi T or who is familiarly called Intan, there are three main steps that mothers can take to hone their children’s confidence. The three are communication, discussion, and providing opportunities. How to hone self-confidence in early childhood Now, here is a complete explanation of 3 ways to hone self-confidence in early childhood according to Intan: 1. Communicating Communication is the first step to building children’s self-confidence. According to Intan, parents are expected to communicate more with their children from the age of 6 to 24 months, as an initial step to build confidence in several activities that are closely related to the child’s privacy area. “For example, when parents are bathing, parents can build a dialogue, for example, ‘Excuse me, Mama can help clean my sister’s vagina or penis, only Mama and Papa can clean it’. Through this dialogue, children will learn to be respected, especially their privacy area,” said Intan, in a press release received by HaiBunda, Monday (12/13/21). Communicating like this can also help children learn about ground rules, Mother. Children will understand that not everyone can help clean their privacy area. “Children also learn that only certain people can help clean it,” said Intan. Communication is an important part of building self-confidence in early childhood. In addition, parents also need to have regular discussions and provide opportunities for their children to try to do something. What is the example like? Let’s read the next page, Mother. See also 3 benefits of storytelling for children, in the following video:
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